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SICILY, A SILVER TETRADRACHM OF SYRACUSE, unsigned work by the Demareteion Master, ca. 478-466 BC, 16.858g, 5h. SNG Lloyd 1306 = Schwabacher, Das Demareteion, pl. 5, 3 (these dies).
Very rare. Lightly toned. Among the most famous of all Greek coins... Good very fine.
The Bru Sale 2010 (1) lot 10; acquired privately from Numismatica Genevensis

The so-called Demareteion series, of dekadrachms, tetradrachms and fractions, is surely the most famous of all the archaic and early classical coinage of Syracuse, and was produced by a masterful engraver of great ability who also cut dies for Leontinoi. Named from the first Syracusan dekadrachm, long identified with the queen Demarete, ca. 480-479 BC, but now known to have been made rather later, these coins are marked out as a special issue by their superlative style, by the unusual olive wreath Arethusa wears, and by the running lion on their obverses.

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