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SICILY, A SILVER TETRADRACHM OF SYRACUSE, reverse die signed by the Master Eukleidas, ca. 405-400 BC, 16.642g, 10h. Baldwin 57 = Tudeer 58a = SNG Lloyd 1384 (these dies).
Pozzi 1278 (these dies).
Perfectly centered and struck on a broad flan. An important and innovative coin with one of the most successful facing heads in all of Greek coinage. Among the finest known.
Extremely fine.
Acquired privately from Tradart; former Armand Trampitsch (1893-1975) collection, Jean Vinchon November 1986 lot 106

"The crest of her great helmet swept the clouds..." (Quintus Smyrnaeus, Fall of Troy, 8.350).
Athena, for the first time, appears in the Syracusan numismatic art, decked with a richly decorated helmet and dolphins swimming around. Furthermore the head, so gracefully set on the curving neck, is depicted here not in profile but facing the viewer.
The beauty of this representation of Athena - one of the most outstanding compositions in numismatic history - is attested by Agnes Baldwin in her study on the Facing heads on ancient Greek coins: "The Athena of Eukleidas is distinguished for Pheidian majesty, and can hardly be excelled..."

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